Welcome to Spencer Trumpets.

Spencer Piccolo TrumpetFor over 20 years, the UK’s finest trumpet players have relied on Will Spencer to service, customise, or completely re-build their instruments. In 2008, Will started to build his own instruments and the first designs won him the prestigious contract to supply the four bands of the British Royal Air Force, and more recently, the Chinese Army Band in Beijing.

Will has a unique ability to expertly configure and build instruments, grown from hundreds of hours working with some of the world’s greatest players. This skill enables him to build trumpets that excel in every musical arena. Spencer Trumpets are hand-built by Will Spencer, using the best available components, including M/K custom leadpipes and tuning slides, fitted to industry-leading valve groups.

While “off the peg” models are available, players are encouraged to visit the workshop, where they can oversee the whole building process, as their chosen components are transformed into truly bespoke instruments.

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