Johan Åkervall Co-principal trumpet, Gothenburg Opera Orchestra

“When I was acting principal trumpet in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, I saw, and played, a Mt Vernon Bb that Will had laid his hands on. This convinced me to send him my 1943 NY Bach ML Bb, that Was a pretty good, responsive trumpet, but with valves leaky like bicycle pumps. When I got it back, the only thing that convinced me that it was actually MY trumpet was the serial number! Fantastic valve rebuild and cleanup. The valves are now probably tighter than when new, and the trumpet really lives! Will is the go-to-guy when it comes to trumpet restoration. He really respects the integrity of the instrument, and the work he does is absolutely top class.

Christian Barraclough Freelance trumpet

“Consistently professional and friendly, Will has an imaginative and highly skilled approach to all brass plumbing needs. Every time, the results are an instrument which has been created with the individual performer in mind (and they're shiny!!). Thanks, Will!”

Mark Bennett Freelance trumpeter UK/Norway

“I took possession of my Will Spencer Bb trumpet just a couple of months ago and had some important work coming so didn't get time to have it silver plated. It looks great anyway in a mixture of nickel and dark golden brass and a cool retro look. It felt great to play but I was a little concerned about the instrument sounding too bright in a symphony orchestra. However, Will and I amassed all sorts of weighted rings to use if needed. Anyway; “American in Paris” and “Rhapsody in Blue” with the great Michel Camillo, were first up and all my concerns completely disappeared. Not only did they disappear but the trumpet was absolutely amazing. I needed no extra weighted rings at all and it also had a wonderful character. It was flexible in tone colours and the tuning was spot on. My only real concern now is that I love it so much that I'm petrified about getting it silver plated.”

Colin Clague Equal Principal Trumpet, English National Opera

“Excellent craftsmanship from someone with innovative ideas and the ability to listen to the player's own requirements.”

Eddie Dawes Hednesford, Staffordshire

“As a senior 80+ years old jazz musician from the Midlands who is fanatical about the care of his instruments, I'm very choosy about who is allowed to do any work on them. Will Spencer overhauled my Getzen trumpet, rebuilt and re-plated it to a higher quality and it now plays better than it ever did.”

Mark David Head of Brass, Royal Academy of Music

“Will Spencer is a master craftsman whether building his own instruments, rebuilding old ones or doing minor repairs. His attention to detail is second to none and I have always been thrilled to receive my instruments back after he has worked his magic alchemy."

Hugh Davies www.realbrass.co.uk

“I have known Will for many years and he has been looking after my trumpets for at least ten. He has always provided the best and most reliable service culminating in us working together to design a Bb trumpet for me to my specification which I have been no less than thrilled with. I have been using it for two years as my main Bb trumpet and it has done sterling service so far. Working with Will to achieve this was a pleasure. Not only is he very flexible but he also knows his subject very well and can be trusted to make judgements on how to achieve the style and sound that you are looking for.”

Christopher Deacon Principal Trumpet, Royal Ballet Sinfonia. Professor at GSMD

“Will offers a unique service, combining great workmanship with being a great musician and trumpet player. He will always prioritise creating an instrument for you which enables you to sound at your very best.”

Fernando Dissenha Solo Trumpet, OSESP/Brazil

“I have been a customer of Will Spencer's for several years now, and a very happy one indeed! Will’s's work on my C and Bb trumpets was amazing. Will takes care, understands our needs, and his fine tuned ears help us trumpet players to choose the best equipment options. I am also very happy that his excellent leadpipes/tuning slides are in the trumpets of many fine professionals and students throughout Brazil. I am absolutely sure that his new instruments will be a major hit on the trumpet world. Will has the knowledge and the craftsmanship to make superb horns. Bravo Will!”

Simon Ellis "Keen Amateur" Trumpet Player - Pops Inc. UK Orchestra and Big Band

“I have recently become the very proud owner of a Will Spencer Bb trumpet (heavy weight) and I have spent the last few months, being more and more impressed and delighted with the instrument - it is simply incredible. I am amazed with how the trumpet performs and how versatile it is, in so many different settings - from large outdoor events, indoor concert halls to small clubs and pubs. From large orchestras to small brass sections. It really can handle whatever I throw at it - and do so brilliantly. The sound is incredible, with great projection, perfect slotting and is a joy to play. It is not only the best trumpet I have ever bought, but probably the best thing I have ever bought!”

Jason Evans Principal trumpet, Philharmonia Orchestra

“The first time I met Will, I was a little apprehensive watching him bend my bell back into place, but within the first 5 mins, I was completely relaxed with him working on my instruments. His professionalism and incredible workmanship are second to none, and whatever customisation you want, however off the wall it may be, Will is the only person who would have a go at anything! Fantastic work, and above all a top bloke! Wouldn't recommend anyone else!”

Huw Evans Lead trumpeter & trumpet collector

“A Will Spencer modular trumpet is the answer to every gearhead's prayers. Not only did my trumpet play better after Will had worked his magic, but now I can experiment with bell and leadpipe combinations that are never stocked by retailers. Soon I shall have no excuses left.”

Hywel Evans The Barry Horns, Wales

“I got in touch with Will when I devastatingly dropped my trumpet at a gig. It’s a 30 year old Bach Strad and I thought it might have been game over when I found the tubing was bent and the second valve wasn’t working at all. Three days later, the valve and tubing is as good as new. I took Will’s advice and I opted to replace the lead pipe which was rotting on the inside. Will also put it through the ultra sonic cleaner and did some valve realignment on all three valves. It’s never sounded so bright and clear. And it's so much easier to play. I’m really impressed with the work and the customer service was superb! I can’t say thank you enough.”

Robert Farley Freelance trumpet player & professor at the Royal Academy of Music

“Will's work is immaculate and I recommend him to all my colleagues.”

James Gordon Amateur trumpet player & solo cornet, Crystal Palace Band

“Will has rebuilt both my Bach cornet and trumpet with modular fittings. They have improved my performance far more than I could have done with years of practice.”

Rob Horscroft Freelance trumpet and music leader for Sheffield Music Hub

“Since taking delivery of my Spencer trumpet in June I am constantly impressed with how well it performs in the varied music settings I work in including chamber, orchestral, theatre and solo. The build quality is spot on, it blows evenly across all ranges, has super slick valves and it looks fantastic. Thank you Will for a fabulous trumpet!”

Bill Houghton Retired Principal Trumpet BBC Symphony Orchestra

“Will Spencer can be relied upon to be creative and enthusiastic, and to do the job the way you want it done.”

Richard Martin Principal trumpet, Northern Sinfonia

“I have used the services of Will Spencer, both for repairs, modifications and for advice from his considerable experience. Somebody managed to bend my leadpipe on an instrument. I sent the Cornet to Will expecting him to replace the pipe...it was back within one week, looking like new with an additional brace which made it stronger and project better. The standard of workmanship was the best I had seen. He is a player and a craftsman. Add in his many years experience customizing the instruments of household names in the brass fraternity. The result is you will get no better workmanship or expertise than he can offer, and with competitive rates to boot!”

Steve Lee Freelance Trumpet player

“I perform in many different settings from Symphony orchestras right through to lead trumpet. I have always felt my Bach was adequate in all these situations without excelling in any particular one. After seeing some of Will’s work first hand I took the plunge and went to visit him. Will suggested a modular conversion which by itself made the instrument play better than it ever had before. However, it was when the MK lead pipe and slide he recommended were fitted that the instrument really came to life. The sound, intonation and response are now miles beyond what the standard Bach can offer and I now have an instrument to suit any playing situation. Thanks Will!”

Kate Moore BBC Concert Orchestra

“Absolutely fantastic instrument that I have used for all styles of playing. It has warmth and brilliance to the tone and is more responsive than any trumpet I have ever played.”

Mark O’Keefe Principal Trumpet, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

“After seeing much of Will Spencer's work through several years, and on other peoples trumpets, I decided to ask Will to do some alteration work on a C trumpet that I had recently acquired. He was really enthusiastic about the project, giving advice on the phone; he even came to collect the instrument in person and was delivered back to me the following week after major transformation work. What a fantastic job he did. The trumpet plays better than ever and several of my colleagues and students have wanted to try it out, borrow and even want to buy it from me. The instrument is worth far more now than in its original condition. I'm thrilled obviously. Also I had the pleasure of trying out his new C trumpets and I'm thoroughly impressed by the way they handle in ease of playability, world-class workmanship, intonation and sound quality. Thanks Will, genius work.”

Will O'Sullivan 2nd trumpet, English National Opera Professor at GSMD/RAM

“Will makes standard Bach Strads into very special instruments.”

Tom Rainer Freelance trumpet player, Director of Music at Aldro, Musical director of the Brass Academy

“Will's workmanship and attention to detail are second to none. His trumpets are simply stunning and his desire to work with a client until the instrument is just right for them, make him one of the leading instrument makers around.”

Gareth Small Principal trumpet, Halle Orchestra

“I have known Will Spencer for several years, and in that time he has been the first person I turn to if I need anything regarding a Trumpet!! His Knowledge, enthusiasm, workmanship and attention to detail are first class. He has customised several instruments for me, all to the highest standard. Several students and colleagues have also trusted Will's work. To me, that speaks volumes.”

Crispian Steele-Perkins International soloist

“Will Spencer is the only man I can trust with instruments over 200 years old.”

Brian Thompson Co-principal Trumpet, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

“I am extremely impressed with Will's dedication to the cause of producing instruments that actually work the way a player wants them to. My C trumpet now plays beautifully and that is due to his patience and the fact that he had all the different permutations of slides, leadpipes and bells on hand to try. I also really appreciate Will sorting my instrument out straight away and giving me additional leadpipes to try at my leisure. The quality of his work and attention to detail is exceptional. I will certainly call on him again to sort out my trumpets.”

Wes Warren City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

“To say I am delighted would be an understatement; it not only looks the part but it plays better than ever with a lovely warm silky sound which I never knew I had. I can't seem to over blow it – all the other players are envious.”