Spencer Trumpets is equipped to carry out all your trumpet servicing needs, from tiny dents, to complete re-builds. A rough quote can usually be given on an email or by phone, but emailed low resolution photographs of damaged areas are always helpful. Below, is a list of the most common services offered by Spencer Trumpets.

General service

  • Dismantle and ultrasonically clean all parts
  • Attention to minor dents
  • Optimise valve alignments
  • Replace valve felts, springs and corks where necessary.

Leadpipe replacement due to “red-rot”.

Will replaces around two leadpipes per week due to dezincification, (red-rot or pink-spot), which is an extremely common problem, even on the most expensive of instruments. It becomes visually evident when lacquer or silver plate starts to flake off, and little pink spots appear. The inside of the tube will appear rough, and the instrument’s performance will be compromised. While original replacements are kept in stock, customers usually purchase one on the many different M/K leadpipes in bronze or sterling silver. These leadpipes not only enhance the playing characteristics of the instrument, but their structural integrity does not deteriorate over time.

Leadpipe replacement to improve instruments’ performance.

Many players find that changing their trumpet’s leadpipe can offer huge improvements to the instruments playing characteristics, and to this end, Will has fitted well over one hundred of them for players worldwide. Spencer Trumpets stocks a range of M/K leadpipes and tuning slides, which customers can trial in the workshop. On receipt of a deposit, the leadpipes can be tested at home, or in the player’s preferred musical setting.

3 most popular leadpipes for Bach and Yamaha Bb & C trumpets:

  • Bronze/sterling silver 5 Bb leadpipe - Orchestral/Band
  • Compressed sterling silver 7 Bb Leadpipe - Commercial/lead
  • Bronze 7 C leadpipe with vintage tuning slide - Orchestral

All leadpipes are hand-drawn by M/K in Wisconsin, with venturis and gaps set up by Will Spencer.

A note on ultrasonic cleaning and valve alignments.

Will Spencer was one of the first instrument repairers to use ultrasonic cleaning, initially to remove grease and abrasives after carrying out major repairs. Historically, brass repairers have used various acids to remove salt-based deposits from the inside of brass instruments, and these work much more efficiently when used in an ultrasonic cleaning tank. However, acids can have a detrimental effect on the metal, and can smell bad too!

Two years ago, Will was the first repairer to use an enzyme cleaner in his Ultrasonic tank. This gently removes salt deposits, without causing damage to the instrument. Originally developed for the shipping industry, this cleaner has now become a popular cleaner for diving apparatus, and is slowly being accepted by other musical instrument manufacturers and repairers. It is non-toxic, and has no odour.

Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for most brass instruments, however, the finish may be compromised if an instrument has poor lacquer/silver adhesion. Ultrasonics can also aggravate areas suffering from red-rot, in which case small holes can appear. This is most common on 3rd slide bends. However, it is better that this happens in the workshop rather than on stage!

Players regularly travel the length of the country, with cars full of trumpets which they want ultrasonically cleaned. The process nearly always improves the instruments, and is particularly effective on high pitched trumpets. After cleaning, the trumpet is re-assembled, and the valve alignment is checked. This is done using a digital bore-camera, to make sure all the valve ports line up correctly. They are then adjusted as necessary, by fitting the correct thickness of felts and shims.

Other Services

Other services are available on request, including valve re-builds re-lacquer, re-plate and complete instrument re-builds. Please email or phone for details.

Price Guide

  • General Service £40.00-£60.00
  • Leadpipe replacement £130.00-£210.00
  • Valve re-build £300.00
  • Re-lacquer/silver plate £400 +
Spencer Trumpets - Re-built Monett trumpet, finished in frosted silver
Re-built Monett trumpet, finished in frosted silver